This morning on the drive in I was listening to an old episode of the Fizzle Show podcast. There’s maybe 30-40 episodes from a few years ago I haven’t listened to and I’ve been slowly working my way through them. This episode was roughly about rethinking who your site/business is about and defining your audience’s “dragons.”

The TL;DR on the episode is that your business needs to be about your audience…not you. This website right here is about me. It’s not a business. But EVF is a business. It can’t be about me — or at least about me in a way that it doesn’t help others. The episode talked about how instead of being the main character of a story that you are actually the main character’s mentor, their Yoda, and your job is to help them defeat the enemy.

I’ve heard this approach before (from Fizzle) and it’s a perfect way to look at things. It’s something I’ve been incorporating for awhile on EVF. This morning though made me revisit this thinking and decide if what I’m currently creating is about me or about my audience. My next blog post is entirely me-focused. I do think it’ll help a portion of my audience that is curious about the topic. But before I hit publish I want to sit down and revisit how I can make it more about how they can slay one particular dragon from it. I gotta figure out how to arm them with another sword or shield or axe and I have to do that with everything I create.

That’s all I have for today.

– Josh