Okay, I think I have a cold. Guy who works in the office next to me at my contact job caught a cold the other day and is taking a sick day. I felt it begin yesterday. Like I wasn’t sick then within 30 seconds I realized, “I think I have a cold.”

Everything was a-okay. Then I jumped on Skype with Nick to record next week’s podcast episode and as soon as I spoke my throat burneddd. Each word more and more painful. I grabbed a giant glass of water and was able to muster through the recording.

Later that afternoon I went to an event at Vanish Brewery. More on that another day. But I had to talk a fair amount. I had to drink [the delicious] beer like I would water.

I’m not a medicine taker for the most part. Nothing against medicine. I just choose to not take Advil whenever I have a headache or Claritin whenever I sneeze. Last night I popped Vitamin C tablets, took some Advil and downed some cough syrup.

This morning I repeated that concoction. Now towards the end of the afternoon, everything has worn off and I’m about 19 glasses of water and 45 trips to the men’s room in. It’s getting progressively worse and worse… Sigh. Great way to start the weekend!

– Josh