It’s almost high noon on Monday. My freak summer flu is slowly fading. All morning I’ve been masking (coloring in) tiny parts of an overhead map. It’s ridiculously time-consuming and tedious. The good part is though is that I can listen to anything I want.

When you’re editing video most of the time you can’t listen to anything outside of the audio from the project you’re working on. Some days you can get away with listening to music in the background when you aren’t dealing with anything related to sound. That’s about the extent of it though.

When you’re working with graphics or motion graphics like I am today, it doesn’t matter what you listen to at all. I’ve crushed several podcasts and honestly am bored of them after four hours. Plus my ears hurt from the headphones so it’s time for a break from audio.

After lunch I have another couple hours of this. With a cup of coffee I’ll power through. I’ve fallen behind on producing content for EVF. Like way behind. Two weeks and I haven’t put out anything besides my newsletter. I strive for a blog post or video once a week. It’s a lot to take on but I’ve been able to do it most weeks the past two years. Anyway, gotta get back on that tonight. Adjusting to this new schedule is still throwing me off but I’m getting there every so slowly.

– Josh