It’s Monday late morning. I had one cup of coffee and am ready for round 2. A theme over the course of this past year has been reducing the amount of coffee I intake. Since starting to track my caffeine intake last August I’ve found that I’ve slowly reduced from a 3-4 cup a day person to a 1.5-2.5 cup a day person. Sometimes I have 1, sometimes 3. Occasionally I’ll go back to my old ways with like a 4-cup day when I absolutely need it to power through. But for the most part, I’ve cut wayy back.

I’ve also cut out Starbucks from my spending habits almost entirely since starting my new life as a freelancer. Now that I’m not literally surrounded by three Starbucks within a 2-block radius, I hardly ever go anymore. There’s a Starbucks about a 5-minute walk away from my contract job but when you’re getting paid by the hour you don’t have 15 minutes to waste on walking over there when there’s a massive collection of Keurigs. Yeah, yeah. They’re horrible for the environment and nowhere near as quality as Starbucks coffee but it’s 1) convenient and 2) free. I’m going to take that 99 out of 100 times.

Overall I’m not where I want to be. I still rely on coffee to get me through the morning and afternoon sludge. I’m slowly getting there though. And isn’t that the point of this website over the past 10.5 months? Slowly improve on a habit each day?

– Josh