Nats just walked off the Cubs in 12 innings and I’m pumped. It’s been a brutally long day (and week) so far. Worked my contract job and a freelance job. I got home in time for dinner and to watch the 9th-12th innings of the game.

The game was fantastic. Easily one of the top-3 games this year for the Nats. Probably #1. Jayson Werth hit a walkoff double after the Nats were down 4-3 going into the 12th. And then he had an epic post game interview.

Now I’m here trying to crush out all my “side work” for the day. It’s a good thing the adrenalin is pumping. It’ll fade soon. All that will be left is a tired mind with a million things weighing on it. Guess I better make the most of it now.

It’s only June and I’m in the middle of a fantasy football draft (don’t ask; new league). It’s round 9 of the draft and I’m actually on the clock right now. I’m running out of players I know. And I have two picks to make. I’m going to go do some quick fantasy research, make my picks and tackle the next thing on my list.

Alright. That’s all I have for today.

– Josh