I feel a lot like a broken record sometimes when I sit down and start writing. It’s 10:15PM and this is the first time I’ve had to myself today. Okay, it’s 10:12PM but you get it.


The clock is ticking. The remaining minutes of my weekend are quickly expiring. And there’s so many things I need/want to get done still. We’re all working with the same 24 hours. Yet it feels like we perpetually need 26 or 28 or 50(!) in a day to get it all done. Why?

I think we’re putting too much on our plates. We’re biting off more than we can chew and are expecting too much of ourselves. Look, we should be happy we didn’t kill ourselves or anyone else today; we ate more than we needed to; we’re safe in our homes; we wore clean clothes (probably but if not it was by choice); we got some work done; etc. We did it, guys! We had a successful day!


Not everything is going to get crossed off our to-do lists. We’re not going to build an empire overnight or maybe ever. We’re not going to do a lot of things. But we can do some things. Some great things if we play our cards right. And all the while we’re doing other great things like not getting eaten by predators.



As these minutes keep evaporating I want to sit for a moment and remember all these wonderful non-to-do list things I did today. Bask in them. Accept them. Accept that this day was and is fantastic.

That’s all I have for today.


– Josh