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Private Ramblings – Ep. 31: Exporting Ideas

My mind is all over the place at the moment. I just walked Peyton and started this post in my head about four different times each about something different.

This morning I was feeling a bit stressed out about, really, everything. Work projects and freelance projects and a light is out and the dog needs a bath…you get the picture. I decided to take out my phone and start a new note. On the note I wrote out all the things that if I got just one of them done I’d feel less stressed. Things like “learning Japanese” are definitely not able to be taken care of today but something like “finish freelance project” is. So once I got a chance I fired up the hard drive and started cranking away at it. Now it’s exporting and I can write this before sending it over to Sorenson Squeeze for compression and uploading online.

And you know what? I feel better. I feel less stressed. Now I can turn my attention to something else I can finish — dog getting a bath — or something that I won’t get done today — learning Japanese. Either way, I got something done that helps me get towards some of my life goals (whatever those are).

I said my mind is all over the place. Okay, switching gears.

Now that I’m a month into whatever this site is I think it’s time to start tinkering. I only want to tinker very subtly. I’m thinking that I vary up the times I publish. Right now it’s between 7:00AM-9:00AM. BTW, the times when they’ve been later it’s because WordPress for some reason won’t publish a scheduled post unless I’ve logged in recently. I don’t know…I’m trying to work that issue out.

I’m doing this because I kinda cheated on not looking at any stats. I still haven’t looked at any stats! It’s been weeks and it’s driving me nuts! But I decided to look at some of the Twitter engagement it’s been getting; rather lack there of. I only checked a few days and all the impressions were about the same — close to 50. And as far as clicking the links? Few and far between. I think by publishing later in the morning or early afternoon or maybe the evening it’ll reach more people.

The goal of this site isn’t to reach a huge audience. I don’t really have any goals besides writing everyday about anything. However I still want to tinker and toy with it so that I can get the best results out of it which does in turn mean getting more eyes on the site.

Could you do me a favor and share this or retweet my tweet if you got here from Twitter? I won’t know the impact since I’m not checking the stats anytime soon but it’ll still be a fun experiment.

My export is over. Back to work!

– Josh