Oh man! It’s Friday evening. I worked a full freelance week. I’m just getting in the door. Dog is walked. I’m out of my work clothes. And it’s officially the weekend.

I turned on the new-ish Mumford and Sons album. This song is on repeat. I have way too much beer in my fridge. A goal for this weekend is to put a dent in it. Pretty good goal, huh?

I’ve been trying to take the pressure off some of my “side hustles” the past few days. Ever since I got mad the other day I’ve been thinking about why I put so much pressure on myself. For those of us that are “hustling” past the 9 to 5 I think it’s only natural to put too much on our plates. The deadlines I set are self-imposed. They are artificial. Yes, I do want these to-dos done and goals accomplished but at what cost?

Is it worth my emotions? Is it worth these six gray hairs I have I that completely blame on putting too much pressure on myself?

Crossing these things off a list on my phone isn’t as important as smiling a few more times a day. Because, hey, isn’t that what all this extra hustle is for? To smile more?

– Josh