Phew. It’s 10:09PM and I’m just getting in for the day. After a longer than normal day at the office I met an old coworker/friend for drinks. It turns out she lives less than half a mile from my new office. Isn’t that convenient for a new happy hour partner?

Even though it’s past my bedtime and I’ve put in more than enough hours this week I still have a little more grind left to do tonight. There’s some housekeeping goodies I’ve been putting off since I’ve been slammed with work the past few weeks. Being slammed with work is a good thing; falling behind on paperwork isn’t.

I have I’s to dot and T’s to cross. My free subscription to QuickBooks ends at midnight(!) so I gotta get a jump on changing my account over. Then log the past few weeks’ worth of travel miles, invoice clients, yada yada yada. I oddly enjoy this kind of work though when it’s organized. If it was completely disorganized and I was using like hacked together spreadsheets I’d put this work off another night. But it’s gotta get done.

To celebrate my “late night hustle” I opened up a Victory Prima Pils. One of the many beers that is overflowing my basement fridge ATM. Okay. Time to go track things until I fall asleep unceremoniously at my desk.

– Josh