It’s 7:59PM on Sunday. Somehow every second since I woke up 11 hours and 40 minutes ago have been going at 100mph. For some reason there was an hour-long power nap mixed in but that’s besides the point. I blinked and today was over with no “work” to show from it.

That’s why I’m here right now. Spending the last dwindling part of my weekend to try to fasten together a few nuts and bolts and wood planks into something worth showing to someone someday.

My desk is a wreck. The desktop on my iMac is littered with files (something I’m very anal about). And my Reminders App has a tiny “11” in white font in a red circle on it. Sigh. I could let it go and try to pick up where I left off tomorrow. Or I could choose to fight a little bit more tonight; to try to get 1% more done. Doing the work and doing the right work is a discussion for another day. Sometimes just doing the work is good enough.

That’s what it’s gotta be tonight. Just do the work; any work and be happy with it. Tomorrow you can go into CEO-mode and determine what the right work is.

That’s all I got for tonight.

– Josh