So tonight I went out with my wife for about two hours. In my backpack was a tupperware container leftover from my lunch I brought to the office today. We get home and I see that the tupperware is in the middle our downstairs room. It’s completely “clean” with the lid that has FOUR separate snapping mechanisms beside it. My backpack is a yard away lying flat on the floor.

My dog had knocked my backpack over. Then UNZIPPED just the one zipper where the tupperware was. My backpack is fine. The zipper works as expected and there’s a couple dog hairs on it. The tupperware still works. However there are a couple chew marks on one of the snaps.

It was one of the cleanest food robberies my dog as committed. Like Ron Burgundy I’m not even mad. I’m impressed.

When we got home and she realized we noticed what happened she had already bolted to “timeout.” Man, she’s smart. My wife likes to ask when the dog is going to take control of us.

I love these moments. I’m definitely pissed about what she did. And she knows she was baaaaaaaad. But I hold dear every crazy, laugh-out-loud moment like this one.

Alright. That’s all I have for today.

– Josh