I’m minutes away from jumping on Skype to record this week’s CmdEdit podcast episode. Nick and I haven’t recorded in a couple weeks. He’s been traveling for work and play and I’ve just been “busy.” Well, Nick’s back in his town in Canada and things are leveling out for me on the homefront. That means it is time to record.

This will be episode 54. We started last April which means we’ve done a solid job of releasing an episode nearly once a week. We’re probably one episode every 1.2ish weeks if my mental math with zero effort serves me correctly.

Over the past 15 months I’ve become a lot more relaxed when I talk into the mic. This was objective #1 when I first agreed to do this project. I’m crossing that one off. Objective #2 was to grow an audience for EVF. This has been my favorite part of the whole thing. We’ve slowly built this small but BA community. People have become legit friends because of us! And that means so much to me. This objective is one of my top priorities going forward.

The final objective I had was to make money from the podcast. Well, we succeeded and then we didn’t. I landed us a sponsor nearly right when we started. The money we made from the initial sponsorship lasted us almost the first year. But the money has dried up and now it’s costing us money. The costs aren’t major — Libsyn and website hosting mostly. But they add up (especially for Nick who pays for 99.7% of things — thanks again, man). This objective is now the highest one. How I’ll accomplish it is another story for another day.

BTW though, if you know of a company that wants to sponsor the best post production podcast out there… let me know!

– Josh