I have a feeling this is going to be short (no pun intended). I picked up an extra freelance gig this week. I’m not complaining but man oh man am I busy! I had a 40-hour week booked at my contract. Now I picked up a new gig on Wednesday but still am going to work my 40-hour week, just working a few extra hours on Tue/Thu/Fri.

To get a jump on EVF this week I sucked it up and outlined my blog post. I’m thinking that tomorrow night I’ll have about 30 minutes of time once I get home before my brain is complete mush. The hope is to suck it up again and do a very rough first draft from the outline. And somehow I’ll find another 3-4 hours to write, edit and post the darn thing by Saturday.

Okay. Dishes gotta get done and sleep is needed. Calling it a night.


– Josh