It’s another one of those lay in bed and write kind of nights. My teeth are brushed. Clothes are set out for tomorrow. And I’m ready to set my five alarm clocks and pass out. All until I realize I haven’t written today.

Today is day 4 of being caffeine free. Over the weekend I was sick so I did a mini detox – no caffeine or alcohol. Today was my first day of being nearly recovered and being back in the office. 11am-2pm were a little rough. And again from 5pm-7pm my energy faded again. I fought through it. I haven’t completely killed my dependency. You probably can’t do that in a few days. But it’s a start. Heck, this is probably the longest I’ve been without caffeine since I was 16.

Tomorrow is a new day and I’m not sure if I’ll make it. No worries. There are no rules — only the urge to see if I can.

– Josh