What a solid Saturday so far. I woke up on my own accord — even with two dogs ready to go out at the crack of dawn. My wife, her mom and I headed out to the Eden Center in the morning. The Eden Center is the big Vietnamese shopping center in Northern Virginia.

We ate at a new restaurant. [Editor’s Note: I found out this restaurant isn’t new. It’s been around for like a decade. We just never went to it before. #languagegap] It’s in the corner opposite of the new grocery store if you know the area at all. No idea what it’s called but it was good. I got soup with wontons, shrimp and sliced pork. The soup was very light. Pho sometimes feels heavy or maybe a touch too sodium-filled on occasion. This soup was light and airy. It was served with a piece of fried dough with a shrimp in the middle. It wasn’t shrimp toast but it was close. Regardless, it was one of the best meals I’ve had at Eden.

I also had coffee for the first time in a week. This morning I felt like I was bulletproof after drinking my one and only cup. Will have I coffee tomorrow? Maybe. But there’s no pressure either way.

Alright. Time to head to family dinner.

– Josh