Sometimes you look around and you think, how is it already [insert date here]? Today for me it’s how is it already the end of August?! I mean it was just New Years! I just got back from Japan! I just turned 29. And somehow the world has spun on it’s axis 200 or so times and it’s already the end of summer.

Peyton is lying on her bed having puppy dreams about something. She’s doing that muffled bark thing she does when she dreams with her little legs kicking sporadically. Anyway, back to my point if I had one…

What can we do about this phenomenon? The world spinning too fast, not my dog’s adorable dreams. I guess it’s to take it one day at a time and enjoy the little things. It’s cliche I know but it’s because it’s true. So many times we’re busy running from thing to thing, job to job, happy hour to happy hour, that we don’t stop and embrace the thing or job or happy hour. It’s just another thing on our calendar or to-do list. Maybe by doing this we can slow the world down. Just a little. So I can embrace Peyton lying over there dreaming instead of brushing it off like something I can see whenever I want.

– Josh