Months ago (like January) Duolingo announced they were adding Vietnamese to their language learning app. As soon as I saw that I was pumped! I sat and waited patiently for it. It ended up taking a really long time. About a month or two ago I checked in on the progress. There was like a development tracking page which is cool to see. And they announced it was ready!

I ran over to the app store and re-downloaded the app and searched to for the language and…. Nothing. It wasn’t there. Huh?

So I read the press release again. It was only available on the site, not on the app. Well that’s no fun!

Today after realizing I was failing on my 18th attempt to learn Vietnamese I decided to check again and to my surprise it was listed on the app! A couple clicks later I was enrolled in the Vietnamese program on Duolingo. Will it work? No idea! Am I going to try? Absolutely. Time for lesson #1.

– Josh