Sunburnt. Yep. We just got in. It’s around 11:00pm. And our beach trip is officially over. So now we’re on the couch watching some House Hunters International and I’m trying to figure out how much the sunburn on my ear is going to hurt tomorrow.

I’d say I’m about a 2.5-3 on the white guy sunburn scale. The burns are in weird spots. One tricep. One ear. Both tops of my knees. One side of my lower back. And one 50 cent piece-sized circle on one shoulder. I’m in good spirits. Even though it’s the very end of summer I’m just beginning my adventure into trying to be somewhat tan before we go to Vietnam in November.

How will I do it? Well I might be laying out on my deck on Halloween. Otherwise I’m going to have to go through 10 bottles of sunscreen on our trip. I’m hoping I only use 1-2 (for packing purposes). I’m not sure how prevalent sunscreen is in SE Asia.

Alright. Time to find the aloe.

– Josh