Today’s been a good day. My wife and I gutted and cleaned our garage then hit up a couple breweries — Lake Anne Brew House and Aslin Brewery. Now in the waning hours of Sunday night we’re laughing at old Taking Back Sunday music videos while the Nats lose a game they shoulda won on national tv.

We both have the day off tomorrow (Labor Day) which is fantastic since I haven’t touched anything to do with EVF since TUESDAY. Yeah, I’m a bit behind but I’m not sweating it. These past few days of vacation were well deserved and needed. My mind is a bit all over the place though. There are visions of more trips and more vacations and more travel that’s 1) preventing me from doing work but 2) motivating the heck out of me to do work. It’s a weird tug-o-war going on up there.

Time to walk the pup and get ready to start grinding again tomorrow.

– Josh