Today I had one of those productive days that flew by and you got a lot done but you somehow feel like you accomplished nothing. Sigh.

It was that kind of productivity that doesn’t “have” to be done but needs to get done eventually. I did things like sort through and put away a mound of mail. I went through a few dozen starred emails with actions associated with them and completed them. I helped a friend with a project she’s working on. I sent Nick new verbiage on a mission statement for Cmd+Edit we’re working on. None of those will make or break me or EVF but they had to get done. They were just weighing on me.

Back in college while working on a paper I came across this Thomas Jefferson quote about productivity. I don’t remember it verbatim but to paraphrase it went something like, “A man with much on his mind will never complete the one task he needs to do.” The moral of that quote? The way I interpret it it’s that if there’s a bunch of small tasks taking up your mental RAM, sometimes you gotta take a day and clear them out so you can start fresh the next day.

That’s all I have for tonight.

– Josh