Today I had a first. I started reading my first graphic novel. I was at the library picking up a book on CD I reserved (not ashamed! I commute!) and decided to walk a few aisles. Just before the reference desk this section caught my eye — graphic novels.

This section wasn’t here the last time I was at the library a couple months ago. On my “to read list” is The Walking Dead. So I took a look and of course it wasn’t there. But what was there was this book called Vietnamerica. It’s a graphic novel depicting the author’s family’s journey to America after the fall of Saigon.

Uh…with me going there in a couple months and this hitting very close to home with my in-law’s own story after the fall of Saigon I had to pick it up. I’m 20-some pages into it and two things are clear: 1) I think I like graphic novels and 2) I have no idea how to read them.

Alright. I’ll write up a review and add it to my bookshelf once I’m finished.

– Josh