When this publishes the regular season will be over. 162 games gone by. 10 teams getting ready for the postseason. Some will only play one game. One will make it all the way to the finish line as champions.

But today I’m not focused on that. Today I’m watching game #157 with my buddies.

Today the Nats are licking their wounds, almost literally. They are a team that’s beat up due to injuries — Stras, Harp, Murph and the Buffalo to name a few. All teams face injuries. It’s a part of the game. Baseball is a marathon and health is a key factor in success.

Somehow they’ve stayed moderately healthy all season. As summer was winding down though the injuries were heating up. I haven’t checked the lineup card tonight to see who’s playing. Scherzer is the scheduled pitcher even though I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets scratched from an injury during warmups. Hey, don’t get mad — I’m not superstitious during the regular season. Playoffs is another story…

That’s all I have for today. Time to head over to the stadium.

– Josh