The resistance is strong with this one today. After a full, emergency-filled day in the office I’m now at the home office starting a new freelance project I have to complete this weekend. And everything in me is refusing it and why wouldn’t I?

It’s Friday. I already had an extra freelance job this week. I have things I want to get done for EVF. All my friends are headed out to one of my favorite bars shortly. I’ve barely watched TV, read, meditated or taken any time for myself this week (minus the night out with my buddies at the Nats game… yeah I guess we forget things quickly, don’t we?).

Steven Pressfield calls this resistance. Seth Godin calls this the lizard brain. It’s that thing that prevents us from doing the work we need to do. There are books and books about this topic (Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art is by far at the top of the list). This resistance thing isn’t made up. It isn’t new. It’s here and alive and pushing me in a thousand other directions other than seated at my desk chair with my editing software open punching away at the keys.

In a few short minutes the transfer of footage from the client’s hard drive to my hard drive will be complete. Work can commence. The question is will I do it? Or will I give in to resistance? To the lizard brain? Let’s hope for the former.

– Josh