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Private Ramblings – Ep. 409: Want

A few minutes ago I was frustrated. Like really frustrated. I had had a fabulous day hanging out with friends. But as the weekend winds down the ramp up for the new week begins and with that comes anxiety beyond belief when your priorities aren’t in order.

Each Sunday night I do something called “CEO mode” where I put on my CEO cap and think big picture and decide what I want to get done in the next two weeks. I look at the past week and what I did and what I didn’t get accomplished and why.

But tonight before I can even start CEO mode my head is spinning with resistance. There’s so much to do. So I stopped what I was doing. Opened up Notes on my iMac. And jotted down everything on my mind that I want to do.

  • I want to be less stressed
  • I want to make more money with EVF
  • I want to have a child (not yet but soon-ish!)
  • I want to have adventures
  • I want to go to Vietnam and have a blast

And the list went on another 15-20 bulletpoints. While I feel like looking at that list could result in even more anxiety it didn’t. I felt better. I know that when I jump into CEO mode I know that the tasks I want to give myself to do for the next two weeks have to lead back towards that list I jotted down somehow.

That’s all I have for tonight.

– Josh