Quick post today. Part of me wants to stop right here. Another part knows that’d be worthless. 90% of the battle is sitting down and opening up this Google Doc. Why not do the easy part and write?

Because the entire world seems to be screaming at you when you try to do something that’s completely for yourself (like me writing this right now). The dog is barking to go out. Your gas tank is empty and you know you have to go to sleep early because now you have to stop by the gas station in the morning making your commute 10 minutes longer. You just got 8 new emails before you got back from walking the dog. And it all piles on…while all you wanted to do was spend a couple minutes on yourself.

The world isn’t out to get you. It just sometimes feels like it is. Scratch that. It feels like it is a lot of the time though. You gotta power through. You gotta make it to page 261 of your Google Doc before you can give in and once you get there you’ll have a night like tonight where you won’t give in and you’ll still show up and you’ll still do some sort of work, good or bad, that is meant just for you. When you’re done you’ll go back to the real world of stress and chaos but you know you did that one thing for yourself today so it’s all going to be okay.

– Josh