You know what’s frustrating?

Trying to do a puzzle for the first time in at least 10 years. Wow.

My wife and I cracked up a puzzle she bought me ages ago on a whim. We had ran all our errands and had a few hours of a quiet Sunday around the house so we figured we’d chill with this 1,000 piece puzzle.

After an hour+ of near silence we completed the edge. It felt like a victory and we were cruising at a good pace. Then it felt like the mental fatigue started to kick in. I’m not sure the last time outside of work or maybe playing OOTP that I’ve been able to focus in on something with complete concentration without interruptions for more than an hour. Two and a half hours later we were burnt out.

We had finished around 50% of the puzzle. Okay. More like 40%. Then we called it quits with our necks and backs starting to ache from leaning over the table with our necks bent in awkward directions.

Our dining room table is covered in pieces. We’re going to try to spend a few minutes each night until we finish it. It should be relaxing…right??

– Josh