There’s nothing like starting to edit a tutorial and realizing you messed up the screen capture. At least I caught it in the first 10 seconds after importing it into my project. And at least it’s an easy fix. I have Camtasia currently exporting a new file which I’ll replace in my Premiere project.

As I mentioned the other day I’m trying something new with this series of tutorials I’m beginning to create. I’m using a new software. There will be new lower thirds and titles. I’m using music from Soundstripe. And overall just trying to have fun with it and not worry “about the little things”.

Most tutorials/vlogs/videos on YouTube it seems like it’s acceptable to have jump cuts, choppy audio, typos, Times New Roman font and overall sloppiness. I’m not like that. That’s literally my job to fix things like this. So in any video/vlog/tutorial I create it’s really difficult to let go of some of that perfectionism.

I know how to fix all these things and it doesn’t take me long. But, at least for now, I’m trying to not let less than perfect stop me from publishing something that’s very good.

Alright. My new files exported. Back to it…

– Josh