It’s official. I need to start writing this before I get too inebriated watching this Game 7.

Editor’s Note: Wow! Has it only been a week since the Cubs won the WS??

As I watch it’s the top of the 4th. Cubs just took the lead. It’s 3-1. I’m attempting to make a Bob Henley sending a runner joke on twitter but am failing. Russell hit a short pop up to left center. Davis caught it then seemed surprised that Bryant tagged. The split second hesitation caused Davis to throw the ball high and miss getting the out by a fraction of a second.

I remember watching an Orioles game as a kid. They were in Fenway. There was a long fly ball almost to the track in front of the Monster with 1 out in the 9th. BJ Surhoff circled back 2-3 steps in front of where he’d catch it. As the ball game down he started his crow hop. The transfer from his glove to his hand was seamless as he fired a bullet to Ripken then Cal threw the runner out at home.

I could have embellished this memory more than what it was in my head. But that’s one of the greatest clutch fly ball relays I remember seeing. Davis must not have seen that one.

– Josh