The past 6 or so weeks I’ve had zero days off. That’s not whining or anything — I’m just stating a fact. It feels like my mind hasn’t had a break from doing things or doing work in forever. Two things happen to me whenever this occurs. 1) I resent doing any more work than I already have to (i.e. on EVF) and 2) all my inspiration dries up. I want to focus on the latter in this short post.

Today I had off. No work. A weekday. Just me and the dog at home. What’d I do? I got a million errands ran and spent next to no time at home. BUT! But once the dust settled and I got home this afternoon I chilled. Mentally I reset. And out of nowhere two ideas for new blog posts for EVF popped in my head.

I ran downstairs to my iMac and put them into OmniFocus. I even went so far as to write an ultra rough draft of one. I hadn’t felt that urge to work or that creative inspiration in such a long time.

Taking a break, even if it’s cutting out of work a few hours early one day, just to reboot those inspiration and dedication parts of your brain are soooo worth it.

As the sun starts to set my brain is signaling to me that it doesn’t have much inspiration or dedication to work today. I’ll probably push it a little more then clock out.

Alright. That’s all I have for today.

– Josh