We got home from Vietnam after the marathon flights yesterday. Yesterday was a blur. Seriously. At 8:00PM my head hit the pillow and I couldn’t fight jet lag any longer. Today began at 3:15AM. Not bad. Only two hours off from my normal waking time.

It all seemed fine until about 1:00PM. Until then I was able to grocery shop, do a load of laundry, walk the dog, etc. But then jet lag came ‘a knockin’ again. I was out. Passed out on the couch while the Baseball Tonight podcast from a few days ago was playing on my phone. My wife came downstairs around 5:00PM. She’s suffering from her own jet lag. She had been out since 11:00AM.

How it’s 8:30PM and I’m photoshopping a picture from Phu Quoc for our Christmas card. It’s fun when at the moment of the picture you know there’s something you’re going to want to remove from it, say you’ll remove it, then actually remove it and it works just how you thought it would. Guess that’s a benefit of doing what I do for a living.

Alright. That’s enough jet-lagged rambling from me for one night. Hopefully I can right this sleepy ship before work on Monday.

– Josh