This was not how I had today planned. That’s what jet lag does those. It takes you. It pulls you down. It prevents you from doing anything.

We got back Friday midday. It’s now Sunday night. Waking up at 4:00am and watching two Kevin Costner movies wasn’t so bad of a morning. But this evening as I finally got my act together and opened up OmniFocus for the first time in three weeks I nearly had a panic attack. Well, that’s an exaggerated. I couldn’t have had one because I don’t have the energy to have one.

I can’t believe I deferred all these tasks and projects to this weekend. What was I thinking? I wasn’t going to do any of them. I didn’t even make it through giving the list of tasks/projects new defer dates. And tomorrow? The first day back at work? Yeah that’s not going to be any better.

Enough whining. I have another ounce or two of life in me tonight. Back to the grind. Back to it.

– Josh