The night is winding down. It’s a hair shy of 8:30PM. I just got in from walking Peyton. I was racking my brain on what I’d write about. What’d I come up with? Nothing. And everything.

My brain’s a whirl with Christmas and work and EVF and what the heck am I going to write about. Today though I had a major accomplishment.

Since returning home my OmniFocus has been a disaster. A million deferred tasks mocking me each time I open up my de facto life operating system. Today I took back control. I threw on some chill step then an hour later cleaned, purged and organized my OmniFocus.

There are a bunch of tasks needing to be done. Most are things needing to be done before Christmas. Many more are deferred to later dates (January 2nd I’ll probably have a mini freak out btw). But I’m back. Almost. At least it feels like it.

Having this system back in place and up-to-date puts me at ease with juggling all these projects I choose to take on. Or it puts me at as much ease as I’ll get.

Alright. It’s about time to clock out.

– Josh