Far too often it feels like I (you/people) are fighting in a deficit. It’s a constant uphill battle because there’s too much on our plate for any number of reasons. This is a regular theme here in these writings.

Last week I published a post about taking back control over OmniFocus — this nifty app I use to basically run my life. Yes. OmniFocus is now manageable. I’m no longer afraid of opening it. That was step one. Step two is going through and actually accessing all these tasks with a finer tooth comb.

Ask: Am I actually doing what I need to do? Will this task take me closer to my goals?

I’m not quite there yet. I’m still fighting the uphill battle to knock off as many of those nagging to-do’s as I can. I can’t let it keep me for too long though. Otherwise I’m never going to get where I’m trying to go. Keep your tasks in check. Make sure they’re aligned with what you’re striving to do.

– Josh