Ahh, the wonderful world of freelancing. Work in an office all day. Work in the home office all night.

Currently the clock sits at 8:29PM. My Magic Mouse batteries are running low and my iMac will not leave me alone about it. I’m good for another 8%! That’s at least three days worth of batteries. Anddd since this happens far too often a few months ago I grabbed like 12 batteries from our giant Costco box two levels up and brought them down here. Now as soon as they run out, probably at the worst possible time, fresh ones are within arm’s reach.

I’m spitting out, AKA rendering AKA creating a file, for one of my client’s clients. What happens, at least in the program that I’m using tonight, is that once I finish a video I “spit out” a QuickTime Movie (.mov file) with very minimal compression. This means it’s a large file. This 40ish-second video has a 4.2 GB QuickTime Movie. This takes a few minutes…maybe 5-10…to create. Then I throw it into compression software (ex: Adobe Media Encoder). From here inside AME I take the QuickTime Movie and compress it, make it smaller, into an .mp4 file — a video file optimized for the web. That 4.2 GB file is now 76 MB. 4.2 GB = 4200 MB. So the video file went from 4200 MB down to 76 MB and looks just as good. Just like magic.

With the smaller filesize it can now be uploaded onto a host of different online platforms (ex: YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) where my client’s client can proudly display their new video.

Alright. Time to finish this project up and ship it off.

– Josh