I’m a couple minutes early meeting my friend / old co-worker for coffee. I think I made a huge mistake. I sat directly under a fan that’s billowing cold air. It’s January for crying out loud! And there’s just the right amount of people where I can’t move without making it awkward since everyone is sat at every other table. Guess I’ll bundle up.

My cappuccino is here. That first sip is always so dangerous. Is it going to burn my tongue? I don’t want to wait too long and it be too cold. But I also want to taste my next few meals without the pain of a blistered tongue. Patience.

Since it’s nearly 6:00pm having coffee is definitely a mistake. On the bright side I’m behind on a project for EVF so once Ph goes to sleep maybe I’ll have the energy to work on it. We’ll see.

Alright. My friend should be here any second.

– Josh