One thing I pride myself on is my ability to set myself up for good luck. Luck is something that you can give yourself. I’m a firm believer in that. In that you can do things in your life so you have what people consider “luck” — either good or bad.

When someone loses their keys and it’s because they are lazy and don’t put them in the same place every time they walk in the door, that’s bad luck and it could have been prevented.

When you pack for work the night before and you’re able to leave five minutes earlier than if you wouldn’t have and just miss getting stuck in traffic because you got ahead of a huge wreck, that’s good luck you caused for yourself.

Alas, sometimes no matter what you do the bad luck finds it way to you. And sometimes that bad luck happens over and over and over again without letting up.

The past few weeks it has felt that way for me. Literally can’t catch a break no matter what I do. Earlier I was taking a much needed nap when something else came up. Missed call. Several text messages. I gave up. I decided I had no interest in dealing with this next thing just yet and I just want to be normal for awhile. I walked downstairs, turned baseball on and fired up the laptop. All I want is to sit here and write and just be normal for awhile. I can go back to the regularly scheduled bad luck broadcast in a few minutes. But for this moment, all is right in the world.

– Josh