The coffee is lukewarm in my mug I affectionately call “my grandma mug” since it has pastel-painted flowers on it and I just imagine my own grandma would have one just like it. A video file is exporting on the Windows computer with two monitors in front of me. My head is looking down at my new, zippy iPhone 7. Scrolling through Twitter and killing a couple minutes by catching up on whatever political mess is happening this morning. Then, out of my left ear since my right ear isn’t covered by my headphones in case someone comes in and startles me, comes a ping.

I resist it the best I can but within seconds, almost without choice whatsoever, my phone is resting on the desk. My left hand is on the mouse and I’m clicking open Chrome to see my new email. Just like that I’m one of Pavlov’s dogs.

The bell rings and the dog salivates. The ping sounds and I stop what I’m doing.

I often try to work with email turned off and my phone on Do Not Disturb as often as possible for this exact reason. Honestly I have no clue how to reverse this ping syndrome. Export’s over. Back to work.

– Josh