The clock has already hit 9:00pm tonight. I’ve already been lying in bed, changed and ready to pass out. It’s been a productive Sunday. There’s been blog post publishing, furniture building, a trip to Target, a run in the freezing cold, laundry washed and dishes loaded in the dishwasher. But there are two final things to do tonight. First is this writing and second is to do my weekly review in OmniFocus.

So I pulled my heavy head up out of bed, took the covers off and walked the two flights downstairs to my iMac. Found some upbeat mix on YouTube and opened up this Google Doc. Thing #1 is almost complete. Then Thing #2.

I don’t enjoy doing my weekly review when I’m tired and my mind isn’t all there. But it’s better to get it done tonight and prepare for the next week now than wait until tomorrow night and potentially miss something I needed to focus on tomorrow.

OmniFocus makes the review process stupid simple. There’s a review tab you click. Then you go through all the projects you need to review (most of mine are set to review once a week so like 97% of them are sitting there for me on Sunday to look at). You look at each project and assess it’s current state. You ask yourself if there’s anything missing or if there’s anything you don’t actually have to do. Then check the defer and if applicable the due dates and make sure these are accurate. Once you’re done with a project click the Reviewed button and OmniFocus opens up the next one. Repeat as needed.

Alright. It’s time to get to work. Then get to bed.

– Josh