Alright let’s warm up the mind and get the words flowing. It’s been awhile since I’ve sat at Starbucks with the laptop out looking like a tool typing away but that’s what I felt like doing today. I grabbed my grande dark roast with some half and half, half a packet of sugar in the raw and a couple shakes of vanilla powder.

The Starbucks closest to my house is always packed with stay-at-home moms and a few professionals with their laptops out during the day. Today is no different and I had to fight to get the last table. Thankfully there’s an outlet close by. And thankfully I have my earphones because some of the conversations you overhear at Starbucks are ridiculous and only draw me away from whatever work I’m trying to get done. There should be a Tumblr of conversations overheard at Starbucks if there isn’t one already.

Today I got mad my myself. My morning was so “productive.” I mean I go so much done — laundry, dishes, meditated, inbox zero, tracked my sleep, did pushups, etc. Then I got to thinking that I hadn’t gotten anything meaningful done. Yes, everything I did already was great for myself and the benefits will be long lasting. But there are a handful of things that I can do today to greatly improve me being successful tomorrow. Each day I write out my top three with like fifteen more below it and I try to get those three done. I rarely do though. But I can knock out twenty little things like pushups and being thankful each day when I could have devoted that time to tackling at least one of my main big “to-dos.”

That’s what’s so frustrating. Is that you think you’re being productive, and you are at some level, but in reality you keep missing the mark on the big things that will get you where you want to go quickest. I’m not downplaying the little things. Those are so, so important. But they need to be secondary to those larger items.

For me today, just like everyday since beginning SOB 2.0, “Ramble” is at the top of my list. I have no problem getting that done each day. Today I’m almost able to check it off. Next on my list today is to write a post for EVF. I’ve been dragging my feet and haven’t written there in probably a month. I’ve came out with a few new tutorials but it’s really time to get a new post written and out there. Last on my list is to workout. It only needs to be a 10-minute stationary bike ride or a quick mile run around the neighborhood. That’s it.

The post and working out I’ll keep procrastinating on unless I do something. That’s why I wrote this. Kinda a kick in the backside to get me going in the correct direction again.

Do you struggle with this too? What do you do different to get your most important to-dos done?

– Josh