After over a year and a half of writing and publishing something each day on this site there are still days like today when the words are difficult to find. Well, the words are fairly easy now. It’s more the topics. I mean after 500+ days what’s is there left to discuss?

A lot. Or you just talk about the same things over again. My best friend, the best man at my wedding, my college roommate and as close to a brother as two people can be without a shared bloodline, is moving five hours away tomorrow. We’ve had well over 500+ days of conversations; of topics. And to this day there’s always something new to discuss. And when there isn’t something new we’re more than happy to rehash old memories.

I guess I can treat these writings the same way. Like an old friend that’s there who I can talk to anything about, no matter how many times I share the same stories or troubles I may be having. This is here. This is now.

My buddy will be over in less than an hour to hang out together one final time before he moves. Hell no this isn’t a goodbye or even a see you later. But it still stings.

Alright. That’s all I have for today.

– Josh