Too many projects. Not enough hours. The struggle is real. The panic-inducing battle that is ever so frequent when we take on too much.
It’s days like today where I love/hate Gary Vaynerchuk. Yeah, I should be “hustling” instead of watching 24: Legacy. But I’m not. (I’m actually watching an old episode of It’s Always Sunny while I write this) But I need this kick in the butt at the same time.

Recently I’ve been alluding to a project I want to take on. However I know darn well it’ll come at the cost of all my other projects (EVF, this site, Cmd+Edit, finding new freelance clients, etc.). So I’m not pursuing it, at least not yet. The idea for this site stirred around in my head for 2+ years before taking action. Yes, it took the literal death of someone close to me to get my butt in gear with this project. Hopefully this next one won’t need that kind of drastic measure.

I’m still left with the problem that we all face. I only have 24 hours in the day when I need 32 hours even though in all likelihood I won’t get much more done. I know the tricks and the tips and the keys to getting everything done. I know that yes, I could add in something else. I know I’ve hammered this to death on this site. I know that if I grind the gears in this #hustle engine another 10% harder I’m at risk of blowing the whole darn thing. So I gotta watch the gauges and keep it under that 10% mark. 3%? 7%? 1% more? I’m really not sure what else I got left.

Alright. That’s it. That’s all I have for today.

– Josh

PS: Just realized this is publishing on my birthday. Happy 30th to me!