Tonight I had a top-10 meal of my life. Clarity in Vienna, VA has some of the best food on earth.

Ph took me there for an early birthday celebration. The meal started with a Caboose Brewing Co. Casey Jones Rye Pale Ale and a first course of chicken fried calamari on top of ceviche. I was leaning towards the tuna tartare but I couldn’t say no to chicken fried calamari and it didn’t disappoint. I was slightly worried there would only be two shrimp but to my surprise there were four or five good-sized shrimp in the ceviche. Ph for a cauliflower lobster soup. It pained her to share a few spoonfuls with me. Their bread was delicious as well.

For the entrée I ordered veal with shortbread and mushrooms (I forget which kind of mushrooms). I’m honestly not sure if I’ve had veal before. Even if I would have had it 100 times I doubt none of them would have compared to Clarity’s veal. Ph ordered their salmon dish. While the salmon was good, the veal knocked it out of the park and nothing was coming close to how good it was.

The meal ended with a cappuccino for me (currently fueling this writing) and a lemon crème brûlée thing with ginger snaps and a lemon custard and a chocolate mousse/cake/ice cream cup. I wish I could have enjoyed them more but I was stuffed beyond belief. The restaurant comped one as well as a birthday gift. Oh, and they gave us the special menus that had Happy Birthday! printed across the top. Oh, and literally every staff member walked by at some point and wished me a happy birthday.

Clarity gets a 25 out of 10. This place was incredible. I believe the bill was around $122. It was worth every penny. It’s definitely not a place most people would go to on the reg but if you’re looking for a special occasion or just in need of a really good, unique meal this is your place.

– Josh