It’s one of those afternoons when you get home from work and you just want to do nothing. I mean nothing. Just sit on the couch; doesn’t matter if the TV is on or not. Nothing.

But as the mid-February sun starts to think about setting down for the night I know that doing nothing is not in my future. There’s a freelance project to work on, a happy hour with my friend to go to and a wife and dog that’ll need my attention. Nothing is not in the cards for tonight.

Nothing sounds awful; sounds “unproductive”. I feel quite the opposite. Nothing can be wonderful. It can be just what you need to break out of a funk (similar to the one I’m feeling right now with EVF). Nothing can be just what the #hustle doctor prescribes to get you back on track.

Nothing for a short period and nothing for a prolonged period are different. Nothing for a prolonged period (weeks, months, etc.) is lazy. It is awful. It is the definition of unproductive. But for a short period? For an evening? An hour? 10 minutes?? Man, sometimes it’s the best medicine.

It doesn’t look good for me getting my prescription filled.

(btw, yes I know happy hour with my friend or spending time with my family is relaxing; it’s just different than “nothing”. Chill!)

– Josh