Current state: In the backseat of my friend’s SUV. 4 hours into a 5-hour drive to Greensboro, NC. Ph, me and two friends are own are way to see another friend who moved there last week. It just so happens to be his 30th birthday too.

Riding in the backseat of an SUV wasn’t an option before Vietnam. My weak-stomach would always make me sick. But before Vietnam my life changed. A nurse practitioner friend recommended I try out this motion sickness patch called Scopolamine.

Dramamine never really worked and it made me feel awful. Sucking it up and taking nothing made me feel awful or, well, made me sick. What’d I have to lose?

I got prescribed a handful of patches for the trip. They last three days each. They’re placed behind your ear so it’s barely noticeable. Or just looks like a small circular band aid.

The patch made so much of our trip possible. I wouldn’t had lasted on our cross country drives to different cities. On small boats on the Mekong. On tiny planes. On the back of a motorcycle. And today, in the backseat of this SUV.

Alright. 30 more minutes left in the car. Might try to catch some z’s.

– Josh