The past couple weeks I’ve been obsessed watching this family vlog their experiences living in Nha Trang, one of the cities we visited in our trip to Vietnam late last year. My lunchtime routine consists of heating up my leftovers or whatever salad from Trader Joe’s I pick up that day then shutting my office door and watching their latest vlog. By the time their vlog is over I’m usually done with my food and it’s time to start the second half of my workday.

Something I’ve always been curious of doing is living for a month or two abroad. Yes, yes. I probably shoulda taken advantage of studying abroad in college. But I think as a [real] adult it’d be so much better anyway. If you ever caught the 4HWW bug like I did a few years ago I’m sure you can relate. Now all these years later this site and EVF are some sort of offspring from that 4HWW mindset (even though there is absolutely zero monetization or plans for monetization on this site).

From what I can tell these vloggers living in Nha Trang, a young married couple and their newborn baby, don’t work. They saved up a fair amount of money and are living off that for the moment. The closer to having kid I get I more I feel that ability of living abroad for a month or two slipping away. (btw, no kid anytime soon.) But if there was a kid involved this couple gives me hope that it is possible.

– Josh