This time next week I’ll be at my third Spring Training game of the weekend and the third Spring Training game of my life. I’ve never been to Spring Training before and cannot wait.

Yeah, the stars may play three innings. Yeah, even as big of a fan as I am I still won’t know most of the players. Yeah, we spent a fair amount of $$ to travel down to Florida for this. But yeah, I’m so excited!

I always like to keep expectations to a minimum when it comes to new travel experiences. However I do have some hopes since this is something I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember.

My hopes:

  • We get some autographs. Thankfully I’m taking my wife and the players will sign her baseballs. They tend to not care about the 30-year-old males even though they’re the demographic that supports their paycheck the most…
  • We run into a player out in West Palm Beach. Ya know, strike up a casual conversation.
  • I don’t fangirl too much.
  • My wife has a good time. I realize I’m taking her to a glorified scrimmage.
  • The weather is good.
  • I make friends with [crazy] fans like myself.

– Josh