It’s the mad dash before vacation. It’s only a quick vacation — six days. We’re not changing timezones. We definitely still speak the same language, unless Floridians suddenly gained an accent I’m unfamiliar with. And we’ll have our phones with our regular data plans. All in all, it feels very tame compared to our last trip (Vietnam).

I love the adventure that a trip like Vietnam brings. But there are also a ton of headache-inducing issues you have to deal with. Visas… Shots… Language barrier… Is this safe to eat?… So I’m thankful to just be able to go and chill on this vacay without those headaches.

It feels like we planned a lot up front for this trip though. We bought baseball tickets. Had to figure out the exact flight we had to take in order to make it to the ballgame on time and not have to spend an extra night in a hotel. Found the cheapest but non-sketch hotel in West Palm Beach (or at least we hope it’s not sketch). For Disney my wife hired a travel agent which will be well worth it. I’m sure I’ll do a write-up on our experience with her after our trip. But despite all this planning they aren’t really issues to get anxious about like “will I get malaria?” or “will I accidently wander into North Korea?

Okay. One last day of work (an onsite visit to a client to review footage and editing an entire video start-to-end) before packing up, dropping Peyt off at our friends’ house and doing the final prep before we go.

– Josh