And we’re off to the races! Today is my first day back from vacation. I’m having one of those “I need a vacation from my vacation” moments. Our vacation was AMAZING. But it wasn’t one of those chill by the pool vacations. We were on the go the entire time. We got in around 6:00pm last night after flying in then picking up Peyt and dinner and we were asleep by 9:00. All of a sudden, vacation’s over and we’re back to “the real world.”

The real world for me right now is slammed with freelance work. This is the busiest I’ve been so far in my 10-month career as a freelancer. Just when I thought I couldn’t take on any more work a client called and asked if I could take on this job and deliver by tomorrow night. Ah, sure? #yolo (plus it’ll recoup some of the cost of Disney and pay part of the way for wherever our next trip is).

I like the busyness. It’s fun. Thankfully every project I’m on is low-stress, even though some have tight deadlines. That makes it much easier to work (and provide much less resistance) when it’s 8:45pm, I’m exhausted and have to get a project done.

Alright. Time to get back to the grind.

BTW…I’m starting to miss creating for EVF. This is a good thing. I think I’m almost ready to come back as soon as I get these freelance projects off my plate.

– Josh