It’s Sunday late afternoon as I sit on the couch with one of The Hobbit movies on. I’m finished with freelance work for the day. It feels like there’s an endless amount to do though. But for today, I’m clocking out.

There’s a few hours of today left. What should I do with it? Ph should be home within the hour. I still have to go through OmniFocus and do my weekly review but I’ll hold off a bit longer.

I’d like to take some time tonight to make sure I’m focusing some attention on where I want to be in the next few years. I’ve talked about this a little bit recently. There are a handful of accomplishments / adventures / goals I want to achieve. It feels that sometimes I can go days (weeks? months?) without really making any progress towards them. I think I can use this site as a gentle reminder to work towards these things instead of checking off a jampacked to-do list that mostly has nothing to do with those goals.

I have them listed in Notes on my phone and I believe a couple weeks ago I wrote them out in one of these writings but let’s do it again. Here we go:

  • Have a child
  • Live in another country for a month (at least once)
  • Learn a new language
  • Run a marathon
  • Create a lifestyle business to fund a significant portion of my income

Ph and I aren’t planning on having a child yet so I can’t really do anything about that one this evening. But I can work towards any of those other goals. For most of them I don’t even know where to start. However, paraphrasing one of my favorite sayings, if you’re going to eat an elephant you have to take a bite.

– Josh