Breathe. It’s one of those days that has been GO GO GO since the second I woke up. And there’s still a few more GO’s left in it.

Despite the GO GO GO-ness of today I still got in a 10-minute meditation where I did get to breathe. I’ve been getting back into meditation and using the Calm app. This goes hand-in-hand with my recent success taking a Vietnamese lesson on Mango everyday. I haven’t been able to do today’s lesson but hope I can squeeze it in before my brain shuts down.

Ph just picked me up sushi and is waiting for me at our neighbor’s house. I finished up freelance work for my second client today but still have to work on a project for a third client. I could wait but want to get it done and already know tomorrow will be just as GO GO GO as today. The likelihood tomorrow will be any better is slim-to-none. Might as well get it done.

It’s crazy how a year ago, while I had some freelance work, it wasn’t anything like this. I was fully employed. Had PTO. Yada yada. And while I still do relatively the same thing (edit videos for a living) the mindset is completely different. When I had work to do at night that was “part of the job” and I wasn’t compensated. Now, every second I work I’m paid for. I know there’s a lot of hate for the new “gig economy” but there’s many benefits in it too.

Okay. Time for sushi.

– Josh